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General Terms of Sale and Supply of the Company United Salon Technologies GmbH, hereinafter designated UST

1. General
1.1 Deliveries, services and quotations provided by UST are exclusively subject to these terms of business.
They thus apply for all future business relationships even when they are not expressly agreed.
1.2 Agreements and subsidiary agreements deviating from these conditions are only valid when they have been
confirmed in writing by UST in each individual case. This will not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.

2. Conclusion of Contract
2.1 Orders placed are only binding on UST when they are placed in writing and UST fails to challenge them
within one month of their being placed.
2.2 All circumstances beyond the control of UST such as force majeure which affect the completion of an order
shall entitle UST to overrun delivery schedules or to withdraw from the agreement. This cannot be construed
as grounds for making claim for compensation.

3. Delivery
3.1 Deliveries will in principle be made by the most economical means of carriage. Express deliveries will only
be made at the express wish of the purchaser.
3.2 Costs of carriage and packaging
3.2. 1 when made by third parties (post, rail, haulier etc.) will be borne by the purchaser when the net invoice
value does not exceed 50.00 EUR;
3.2. 2 when made as express deliveries by third parties (post, rail, haulier etc.) will be borne by the purchaser
in all cases.
3.3 For c.o.d. consignments
3.3. 1 the c.o.d. charges and
3.3. 2 the charges for payment transmission will be borne by the purchaser.
3.4 Risk passes to the purchaser as soon as the consignment is handed over to the agent responsible for transport
or as soon as the consignment has left the seller‘s premises for the purpose of dispatch.
3.5 Dates of delivery are only binding to the extent that they have been confirmed by UST in writing.

4. Guarantee
4.1 UST guarantees the use of faultless raw materials and care in manufacture.
4.2 In case of a justified complaint, this must be reported to UST without delay – but in any case within a week
of receipt of the consignment delivered.
4.3 UST will supply replacement to the customer in accordance with legislative provisions. The legal guarantee
period commences with handover of the goods. The actual time of handover is to be demonstrated by
submission of evidence of purchase such as a till receipt, invoice, delivery note or similar document. We
undertake either to repair the item, or to replace the item with one free of faults, at our option.
4.4 Faults arising from excessive loading, careless handling and maintenance or failure to observe the
instructions for use are not covered by guarantee. The same applies to faults arising from normal use to
components such as those which are subject to wear-and-tear such as shaving foils, motor components,
cutting sets etc.
4.5 If a guarantee claim is made, this does not extend the period of guarantee.

5. Payment
5.1. Provided no alternative method has been agreed in writing in the individual case, payments are to be made
by the purchaser as follows:
5.1. 1 within 8 days of date of invoice, less 2 % cash discount.
5.1. 2 within 30 days of date of invoice net without deduction.
5.1. 3 Sharpening work is contracted out and invoices are payable immediately in full.
5.2 Payment by bill of exchange/draft and/or cheque are accepted on account of performance, and is subject
to clearance.
5.3 Payments are deemed to have been made only when they have been unconditionally credited to an
account of UST.
5.4 If payment terms are exceeded, UST is entitled to debit the purchaser with interest at a rate coinciding with
bank overdraft rates – but at least 3 % higher than the discount rate of the European Central Bank – from the
date of the invoice – on the invoiced amount.
5.5 Deductions on account of postage, carriage and packaging are not recognised by UST.

6. Retention of Title
6.1 UST retains title to all goods until the purchase price, including any interest and expenses, has been paid or
as long as claims are still outstanding against the purchaser.
6.2 The purchaser undertakes to treat all goods subject to retention of title with care, to have any necessary
repairs carried out and not to put at risk UST‘s title to the goods.
6.3 Any change of domicile must be notified to UST without delay. The same applies when levies of execution
are carried out or are likely, when these concern the goods subject to retention of title. The purchaser is liable
to bear the costs of any necessary action for release.
6.4 Goods destined for resale may be disposed of by the purchaser in the normal course of business. In case of
resale, the purchaser assigns his purchase price rights to UST at this point.
6.5 The purchaser undertakes to make available to UST all information and documentation necessary for
collection of the due purchase price.

7. Claims for Compensation
Claims for compensation based on impossibility of service, positive breach of obligation, breach of duty of care
when entering into the contract and on tortious act against UST as well as its employees and/or vicarious agents
are excluded except insofar as acts with malicious intent or of gross negligence are concerned.
§ 8
8. Court of Jurisdiction
Exclusive court of jurisdiction for all present and future claims arising from the business association with registered
merchants, including bills and cheques receivable, is the court responsible for the seller‘s headquarters. The same
jurisdiction applies if the customer has no general domestic court jurisdiction, if he has moved his domicile or
usual place of residence outside the country since conclusion of the contract or if his domicile or usual place of
residence at the time of the action being brought is unknown.

9. Miscellaneous
Attention is drawn to the fact that the purchaser‘s personal details gathered in the normal course of a business
relationship are stored and processed according to the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

United Salon Technologies GmbH, Ketzberger Strasse 34 · D-42653 Solingen
Managing Directors: Detlef Breuer, Wolfgang Stadler · Registration court Wuppertal, entry No. HRB 14817