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Split ends with THE CARECUT


The right cut to fight split ends is the only way to put a halt to the dreaded split ends in the long term. Once damaged by split ends, the hair cannot be repaired permanently. Packs and fluids for the tips of the hair improve combing in the short term, but the hair remains destroyed.

Before now, the only cure for split ends was to cut a generous amount of hair away from the tips. But those with lovely long hair don’t want to cut it off, of course. And those who don’t cut it have to live with thin, dry, bleached-out tips. THE CARECUT finally puts an end to this vicious cycle. It is the perfect way to cut longer and long, beautiful hair and fight split ends.r.



What are split ends, anyway?

People talk about them, but often don’t know exactly what the problem is. Split ends are just what the name suggests: the tips of the hair have literally split. They are often visible to the naked eye. This dreaded problem with the tips of the hair has many causes. Split ends represent irreversible damage to the hair.


Hair also splits due to friction, with the tips of the hair at special risk starting at shoulder length

Long hair is old hair. The tips tend to grow brittle and break due to the aging process alone

Environmental influences such as sunlight, saltwater or chlorinated water, wind, and weather also damage the tips

Chemical treatments, coloring, waves etc. also damage the hair. The hair bleaches as color pigments fade

What makes THE CARECUT the perfect way to cut hair to fight split ends?

In addition to the various cutting techniques available, such as hair dusting, twisting the hair, or cutting the tips, THE CARECUT offers a unique way to seal the tips of the hair. If the tips are unprotected, they can always dry out and grow brittle after a conventional cut, even one intended to fight split ends. That doesn’t happen with THE CARECUT. With the hot scissors, the tips of the hair are sealed using the natural keratin. The multi-active natural bonding substance continues to supply the valuable nutrients and emollients that are missing from normal, unsealed tips.