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THE CARECUT – the next-generation hot scissors

THE CARECUT revolutionizes haircutting. The hot scissors don’t just cut the hair. They seal the end of each hair right during cutting. This is what makes each cut using the hot scissors a CARECUT.


It’s a familiar issue for clients with long hair. The longer the hair, the faster it dries out, grows brittle, and breaks, with split ends. The hot scissors provide protection cut after cut by sealing the tips of the hair.


The hot scissors from THE CARECUT are a new development to fight split ends and keep long hair strong all the way to the tips. Thanks to electrically heated blades, THE CARECUT hot scissors seal the hair right away during the cutting process. When used regularly, the hot scissors can prevent split ends on a lasting basis. This is an innovative professional cutting tool that is a must for any salon that puts customers’ wishes front and center. Clients with longer hair in particular will be grateful to stylists who cut their hair with THE CARECUT. But THE CARECUT also delivers outstanding results with a bob or pixie, providing a better fall and keeping the style looking good for longer. Precision cut guidance from the electrically heated scissors seals the ends of the hair, preserving the hair's natural bonding substance. The result? Healthier-looking hair at any length.


When do I need hot scissors?

The CARECUT is used wherever hair is losing its natural strength. Every fresh new hair grows out of the scalp with a natural, protected tip. As soon as the hair is cut, the tip is open and unprotected. The natural moisture and nutrients present inside the hair can be lost through the end. The hair grows brittle and dull, breaks easily, dries out, bleaches, and thins. Hair and color experiments damage the hair as well. Environmental influences such as sun and wind add to this effect. Split ends are the result.


THE CARECUT seals the hair

THE CARECUT uses a unique approach to seal the tips of the hair and prevent the loss of moisture and nutrients. In this way, the hot scissors fight the root causes of split ends.

How do the hot scissors work?

The hot scissors cut hair with heat. The blades heat up right at the cutting edge, cutting the tips of the hair with the natural keratin present in the hair forming a smooth seal over the cut surface. This seals the hair structure at the tip, like with a fresh hair growing out of the scalp. The keratin, a protein, is melted in a process known as coagulation. This creates natural protection for the tips of the hair and prevents natural moisture and nutrients from escaping. The multi-active natural bonding substance is locked within the hair, and it resists environmental influences.


How hot do the hot scissors get?

The scissors themselves do not heat up. The cutting surfaces of the blades heat up to exactly the right sealing temperature that the keratin, the natural building block of the hair, requires in order to seal the open tip. Precision electronic temperature calibration allows for perfect settings for fine, medium, and thick hair. The heated keratin spreads over the cutting edge, forming a strong, sealed tip that remains stable for longer under strain. With THE CARECUT, the split end problem is solved from the tips, since the ends of the hair are sealed and remain intact for a long time.


Where do I find the hot scissors as a client?

Our salon finder feature lets you simply enter your postal code on our website to find your nearest THE CARECUT salon. You can also tell these salons from the CARECUT premium partner seal.



How do the hot scissors cut the hair?

Cutting hair with the hot scissors is just like any other cutting method. There is no noticeable difference. Cutting with the TCC scissors takes the same amount of time, too, since the hot scissors are lightweight and delicate, so they are just as easy to use as a normal pair of scissors. The cutting process feels just like always to the hairdresser, and the scissors are handled the same. The stylist doesn’t need any special training. All they need is the TCC scissors, which were specially designed for hairdressers and have all of the cutting properties of a superior-quality pair of hairdressing scissors. The delicate red cord is the only sign that these scissors do more than just cut the hair. Whether you are a client or a hairdresser, you won’t notice anything about the hot scissors. All you will see is the result: better hair right down to the tips. The hot scissors put an end to excessive drying, brittleness, and the dreaded split ends. Only THE CARECUT hot scissors can seal the hair right at the cut surface. Naturally, the TCC scissors are a high-quality German product with an innovative design and superior professional quality, made in Solingen by Jaguar, the specialists in top-notch hairdressing scissors.


Haircut and strengthening in one

Once hair reaches chin length, it already requires special care. The tips of the hair grow increasingly sensitive from about shoulder length on. The longer the hair is, the more it is exposed to all kinds of environmental influences. Factors include UV radiation and mechanical strain from daily styling or the hair lying on the shoulders. Chemical treatments and coloring create additional strain on the hair structure. The hair is left looking dull and lifeless. One important factor in this negative development is the drying of the individual hairs. The hairs grow thinner toward the tips. Brittle tips lead to undesired split ends. THE CARECUT is the heated pair of scissors to fight split ends. These scissors offer a unique way to seal the tips of the hair, allowing the body of the hair to stabilize. Once sealed with THE CARECUT, the hair maintains its moisture and nutrients. A cut to fight split ends using the electrically heated scissors creates the basis for the hair to grow better.


Enjoy that fresh-from-the-hairdresser feeling for weeks

The hot scissors from THE CARECUT seal the hair during the cutting process so all of the natural moisture and nutrients remain within the hair. This gives the hair more resilience. Hair feels smoother and more supple. Enthusiastic users report that the fresh-from-the-hairdresser feeling lasts for weeks. The quality of the hair improves, and regrowth is healthier. The hot scissors to fight split ends change the entire hair profile without the hair losing a significant amount of length overall. That means less breakage and faster growth. All it takes is regular use.


Longer, better-looking hair with THE CARECUT

With a conventional haircut, the hair looks healthy and neatly trimmed over the first few days. But after a time, the first signs of strain appear at the tips of the hair. This happens because the ends have been left unsealed. They lose moisture and nutrients, causing brittleness and a tendency toward split ends. Clients with longer hair are only too familiar with the dreaded split ends. In many cases, split ends are the main obstacle to achieving the desired length. Hairdressers have come up with various solutions to tackle this issue. Different cut techniques and care treatments are used. Still, nothing is more effective than the hot scissors at fighting split ends. The heated blade leaves a smooth, sealed cut surface. Fine hair in particular is protected against split ends. But that’s not all – sealing the tips of the hair has even more advantages. Color treatments also last longer thanks to THE CARECUT, since the sealed tips keep the color pigments in the hair more effectively. The hot scissors also aid with growth. This kind of cut keeps hair healthier and stronger right down to the tips.


How often should the hot scissors be used?

The results of a cut with THE CARECUT definitely depend on how damaged the hair is. The hot scissors are most effective when used regularly, about every six weeks. It doesn’t matter how long the hair is. Since the hair grows anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5 cm each month, THE CARECUT is also ideal for long-haired clients, since it removes a minimal amount of hair from the tips, leaving more and stronger growth. The hot scissors leave no room for split ends or breakage if the sealing is repeated regularly.

Our recommendation:

every 4–6 weeks

Less breakage thanks to the hot scissors means happier clients

The hot scissors from THE CARECUT are just like any other high-quality hairdressing scissors during the cutting process. The handling is balanced, and the scissors permit all standard techniques, like cutting, slice cutting, and point cutting. Using them does not require initial familiarization or any special training. The cut results impress hairdressers and clients alike. The price for a haircut using THE CARECUT is slightly higher than with a conventional cut. Since the result wows clients, they choose a regular CARECUT for healthy-looking, strong hair right down to the ends. Satisfied customers are the best form of advertising for an ambitious salon.