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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about THE CARECUT

Here, you will find the answers to the questions frequently asked about THE CARECUT.

What do I do when my favorite hairdresser doesn't offer CARECUT treatments?

Your favorite hairdresser may become a CARECUT Premium Partner. Speak to him, he can obtain more detailed information on this website. Alternatively, simply test THE CARECUT at a CARECUT salon in your area.

How often should my hair be cut with CARECUT?

Your hair will be most beautiful when the cut is applied regularly. In this way, THE CARECUT reseals the ends, the cortex is maintained and does not become thin, brittle or splitting. The hair is strengthened and cared for down to the ends. Your CARECUT hairdresser will tell you which cutting interval is ideal for your hair.

I want to grow my hair long, why should I go to the hairdresser?

If you want to grow your hair, you want it happen quickly, but you also want your hair to remain truly beautiful right down to the ends. And this is what CARECUT does, it does cut not any of the length, but it seals the ends ensuring that they are not brittle or splitting. It helps to drastically reduce the feared hair breakage often associated with long hair. And makes your hair look healthier and longer.

How hot is the seal?

The sealing is coordinated precisely for your hair in three settings (fine, normal, thick hair). In this way, just enough heat is generated to seal your hair perfectly. The heat is applied via a blade that is heated. You will not feel the heat since the heat is applied by the protected blade directly to the hair.

What does a CARECUT treatment cost?

It simply costs a little more than an ordinary cut. This is because it is carried out using a special pair of scissors which are heated electrically and seal the hair. In this way, your hair is strengthened and cared for down to the ends. Your CARECUT salon will be happy to inform you.

How long does a CARECUT treatment take?

About as long as an ordinary cut. This is because it is carried out using a special pair of scissors which are heated electrically and seal the ends of hair. In this way, the ends of your hair are strengthened and cared for in the same time your hairdresser's appointment would usually take.

I've got split ends, can a CARECUT treatment help?

Split ends means that the ends of the hair are dry, brittle and prone to breaking. CARECUT is exactly the right cut to care for your hair. The ends are sealed and are no longer able to dry out.

I have fine, dry, wispy hair, is the CARECUT treatment good for my hair?

Yes, the CARECUT also seals fine hair. Here, it is particularly important to ensure that the cortex remains in the hair ensuring that the hair remains smooth and strong long-term and gets its bounce back. The key factor is that the CARECUT must be carried out regularly.

Is CARECUT a chemical treatment?

No, the hair is sealed by heat alone. This returns it almost to the original state that a new hair has when it grows out of the scalp. The end of the hair is sealed like a young, new hair. The natural moisturizing and care substances remain locked in the hair.

My hair has been damaged by dying or a perm, will a CARECUT treatment help?

Yes, the reasons why your hair is damaged is not relevant when it comes to CARECUT. It seals all types of damaged hair and helps to permanently make the ends stronger and more healthy looking. With CARECUT the multi-active cortex does not dry out, the hair is protected from environmental influences. In this way, CARECUT is the optimum care cut for chemically modified hair.

What is a THE CARECUT salon?

CARECUT stylists place great value on ensuring their client's hair is cared for in the best possible way. The professional stylists have decided in favor of the revolutionary care cut which seals the hair and strengthens it right to the ends. In a CARECUT salon your hair is in the best possible hands belonging to the most innovative stylists in the region.

How long does my hair need to be for a CARECUT cut?

It doesn't matter. The sealing process of CARECUT has the same effect on short and long hair. But generally speaking, long hair will tend to be more damaged. The care effect is always the same, short-haired styles can be cut with the CARECUT along with very long hair.

What is the difference between an ordinary cut and THE CARECUT?

If you look at a hair under the microscope, you can see that the cut section of a hair cut in the normal way is open and rough. The surface of a CARECUT cut hair is completely smooth and sealed. All substances in the hair, remain in place.

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