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Image materials

  • Heart 621 KB

    THE CARECUT: A haircut that takes care of the hair, with an electrically heated pair of scissors. The optimum cutting concept for long hair.

  • Scissors 944 KB

    An elegant new design and a new pair of scissors with gentle heating, controlled electronically.

  • Cut 944 KB

    The electrically heated scissors gently heat the keratin (the essential material that makes up the hair) during cutting. The keratin is evenly distributed across the surface of the cut, sealing the structure of the hair.

  • Microscopic image: normal cut 73 KB

    A normal haircut: The tips of the hair are not sealed, so the adhesive substance inside dries out and environmental stresses affect the hair.

  • Microscopic image: damaged hair 284 KB

    The problem: damaged, brittle hair with split ends and a tendency to break near the tips.

  • Microscopic image: THE CARECUT 52 KB

    THE CARECUT: sealed tips, intact adhesive substance; natural moisturizers and emollients are locked inside the hair.

  • Comparison 508 KB

    Comparison: hair cut using normal methods and hair cut using THE CARECUT, with sealed tips.

  • Model with scissors 864 KB

    THE CARECUT: The innovative, heat-based cut concept for healthy hair you can feel, without split ends and evenly strong all the way to the tips.

  • Model with tips 848 KB

    Cut and care in one: The cut for long styles, for healthy hair you can feel all the way to the tips and a lasting "fresh from the hairdresser" feeling!

  • Model with tablet 368 KB

    The marketing program, including online salon finder, allows potential customers to find participating salons.

  • Model with tape measure 320 KB

    For better hair quality and new lengths: THE CARECUT is a must for long hair and for growing out the hair.