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What can TCC do?

Cut with the electrically heated blades – MADE IN GERMANY
The TCC cuts the hair with high-quality blades. Electronically controlled, these are heated gently and apply the heat directly to the hair. Choose between three settings: Fine hair, normal hair and thick hair.

Spliss Schere - TCC Schere von THE CARECUT
Spliss Schere - Haarspitzen versiegeln mit THE CARECUT

Sealing the ends of the hair
The natural moisturizing and care substances in the hair are maintained, the multi-active cortex does not dry out, environmental influences can no longer ingress. Also suitable for colored or chemically treated hair.

Spliss Schere - Spliss und Sprödigkeit mit THE CARECUT verhindern

Preventing split ends and brittleness
The TCC eliminates the primary problem associated with long hair, the hair is no longer able to dry out. The sealing process permanently prevents the thinning towards the ends, breakage is reduced. The ends of the hair become smooth and strong.

Spliss Schere - Langhaarwuchs fördern mit THE CARECUT

Promoting the growth of long hair
The sealing of the hair prevents brittleness and hair breakage. The hair will attain length faster and in a healthier way. The client will feel that fresh-from-the-salon sensation for weeks.

Spliss Schere - Richtige Handhabung mit THE CARECUT

Handling is just like any other pair of scissors
This applies to all cuts, from trimming the ends through to an anti-split cut. Pointing, slicing, graduating: The TCC is a professional pair of scissors, perfect for all techniques and easy to use, just like every other pair of scissors, without the need for instruction or familiarization. Ergonomically balanced, the scissors promote a completely relaxed stance when working.

Purchase your TCC now and turn your salon into a THE CARECUT premium partner:

TCC THE CARECUT article number: 84700

Made up of:

TCC control and power supply unit
TCC heat mat
TCC transportation case
Oil and adjustment key

TCC registration card for marketing program

THE CARECUT marketing program:

The individual scissors registration number provides you with your access to the salon finder and the CARECUT program.


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Spliss Schere - Koffer von THE CARECUT


... and enjoy the benefits of the premium partner program! With the purchase of your TCC, you can immediately register as a premium partner and enjoy all the benefits of the CARECUT marketing program. Click to directly increase the potential success of your salon.

For every haircut, from a trim through to anti-split cut, from a bob through to extra-long hair, from layers through to a straight cut, every type of cut can be a CARECUT. Make the hair of your clients even more well-groomed and attractive.