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THE CARECUT - Die Heiße Schere in Herzform

The complete marketing program for your salon success.

Profit from the revolutionary service idea and, with a purchase of the new TCC, become a Premium Partner with all the benefits.

  • Salon marketing package
  • End-consumer advertising
  • Online Salon Finder

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The TCC in use!

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This hairdressing service is revolutionary


THE CARECUT is a unique cut with a unique pair of scissors and a unique marketing program.

What does TCC THE CARECUT target?

This service will revolutionize your salon for the long-haired sector and make you into a popular expert for long-haired clients.

What will CARECUT do for your salon clients?

1. CARECUT attracts clients with long-hair
CARECUT targets an area in which you have too few clients. The majority of hairdressers are losing considerable potential when it comes to long-haired clients. This clientele has high care requirements, but rarely enters the salon in order to maintain every centimeter of length.

2. CARECUT makes the hair strong and frees from splits, right to the ends
This is the greatest desire of the client: Healthy, strong hair without splits, right down to the ends. Here, CARECUT is the revolutionary cut which seals the hair and specifically makes the damage-prone tips stronger and almost free from splits, brittleness and breakage.

3. CARECUT is not a chemical treatment
It puts no additional load on the hair. CARECUT works with the physical application of heat only. It is thus ideal for use with hair that is already heavily stressed. CARECUT improves each hair, without the application of any chemical treatment.

4. CARECUT makes long hair better
Your client achieves a new quality of hair and improved length if they regularly visit a THE CARECUT premium partner.

5. CARECUT is what clients want
This was confirmed in a client survey by 83 % of the participants: They would either be sure to or may try out THE CARECUT if it were offered by their hairdresser.

(Basis: 191 women in Germany, 18 – 45 years of age, with hair longer than shoulder length, who visit a hairdresser)


THE CARECUT - Premium Partner Siegel


With the purchase of your TCC, you can immediately register as a premium partner and enjoy all the benefits of the CARECUT marketing program. Click to directly increase the potential success of your salon.

For every haircut, from a trim through to anti-split cut, from a bob through to extra-long hair, from layers through to a straight cut, every type of cut can be a CARECUT. Make the hair of your clients even more well-groomed and attractive.

Become a TCC THE CARECUT Premium Partner today