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Find your CARECUT salon now

Here, you can find out directly where your nearest CARECUT hairdresser is located. CARECUT salons belong to the most innovative stylists in the region. They place particular value on caring for their client's hair.

Every THE CARECUT salon can be identified by the Premium Partner seal. Look here, to find salons in your area.

    How does the salon finder work?

    Our smart salon finder leads you directly to our partners. To find a CARECUT hairdresser, all you have to do is enter your city or zip code in the search field. If you search abroad, you can also enter the country. On the left you can see the map and the locations of the individual salons. For example, if you are looking for a CARECUT specialist in Berlin, simply enter "Berlin". Several suggestions appear in the search field. The more specific your search query is, the more precise the result will be. After you have clicked on "Search", you will find several Opportunities displayed. All hairdressers who offer THE CARECUT haircut appear in our hairdressing salon finder in the right third of the results display. In this you can see the name of the salon, the address, the telephone number and the homepage of the respective hairdresser. The enumeration is based on the distance. So the hairdresser who is closest to you appears at the very top. It's still worth scrolling through the list. Perhaps one of the salons is not on your doorstep, but in a different convenient location.


    Professional tip sealing with THE CARECUT

    A CARECUT hairdresser can use the innovative TCC scissors on request. This is not an ordinary split cut, but a particularly gentle form of hair care. THE CARECUT seals the ends of the hair while cutting, which means that the cut itself strengthens the hair. The contemporary THE CARECUT scissors were designed for longer hair. Your blade is heated electronically. While she is cutting the ends of the hair, she closes them completely. In this way, the hair structure is preserved and environmental influences cannot get into the hair. The hair also loses less moisture and can recover better. Long-haired customers in particular are considered to be those customers for whom thick hair right down to the tips is particularly important. Regular use of THE CARECUT promotes length growth and the resilience of the hair. THE CARECUT scissors create a close and enthusiastic bond between the hairdresser and the customer, from which both parties benefit. After all, the impressive anti-split-split effect helps customers to have healthy-looking and well-groomed long hair and the salon to customers who are happy to recommend it to others.


    Does every hairdresser have hot scissors?

    Not every hairdresser has hot scissors, but this device is no longer rare. Every hairdresser can purchase TCC scissors and become a premium partner in order to offer their customers the unique cut with the tip seal. The principle of heated scissors is known to most hairdressers and is very simple. Electrically heated scissors are more expensive to buy than normal professional scissors because they heat the blades with additional electronics and thus seal the hair. If you want to be on the safe side, entrust your hair to one of our reliable premium partners. Simply use our salon finder. You can only find hairdressers who use THE CARECUT using our hairdressing salon finder.


    The right hair salon for the right cut

    You can find the right professional for your next haircut using THE CARECUT's hair salon finder. Cutting the tip with the special scissors from THE CARECUT is fundamentally different from a conventional haircut. The hair is cut smoothly by the electrically heated blade and the tip is sealed at the same time. This avoids split ends on the cut ends of the hair. The hot scissors themselves only get warm along the blade; as a hairdresser, you will not feel any of this. The hairdresser adjusts the temperature precisely to the thickness of the hair. Depending on the hair structure, he can choose between three different levels.


    Competence and security with the salon finder

    THE CARECUT is a device with the seal of approval "Made in Germany". Each copy is individually registered. Our premium partners offer a very special, high-quality haircut with a tip seal. Find your personal CARECUT hairdresser using our salon finder.


    What defines a THE CARECUT hairdresser?

    You can recognize a THE CARECUT salon immediately by the premium partner seal. But what distinguishes the CARECUT hairdresser? Our partners are all hairdressers who attach particular importance to the well-groomed hair of their customers. The focus on customer satisfaction is the common denominator - the important thing all THE CARECUT hairdressers have in common. Because hot scissors at the hairdresser's can be used for a wide variety of hairstyle styles, regardless of whether they are used to cut the latest trend hairstyles or whether they are used for conservative haircut techniques. Our partners are mixed and individual. Every single hairdresser who uses THE CARECUT has their own unique portfolio. All of them are seasoned professionals who rely on the quality and performance of our electronically heated scissors to offer their customers the best split ends.


    The salon finder finds CARECUT salons worldwide

    We work with hairdressers throughout Germany. THE CARECUT has a dense network of premium partners in Germany with a large number of salons that stand out from the competition through their outstanding service. You can also use the salon finder to view salons in Austria and Switzerland. THE CARECUT is of course sold throughout Europe and can be found in selected hairdressing salons in America, Asia and Australia. From Canada to Argentina, from Scandinavia to the Middle East and from India to the farthest corner of Russia - our salon finder will guide you safely through the world map and without detours to your nearest professional.