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Claudia Londoño
Claudia Londoño Peluquería

10 questions to Claudia Londoño

Claudia Londoño Peluquería is a family business in Colombia created to serve and offer the highest quality in all aspects regarding beauty and hair care next to being capable of offering the best technology in equipment and products to provide happiness to our clients.

Claudia Londoño Peluquería es una empresa familiar creada para servir y para desarrollar la más alta calidad en la belleza y cuidado del cabello, además de manejar la mejor tecnología en equipos y productos para dar felicidad a nuestros clientes.


What do you love about your job?

I love to transform, change and elevate the self-esteem of people and grow professionally with a team whose motto is to serve and provide happiness.

Lo que más amo es transformar, cambiar y elevar la autoestima de las personas, crecer profesionalmente con un equipo de trabajo cuyo lema es servir y dar felicidad.


Why do you offer THE CARECUT at your salon?

Because this tool ensures the highest technology standards for hair care.

Porque es una herramienta con los más altos estándares en tecnología para el cuidado del cabello.


How have your clients responded?

We have received extremely positive feedback because the results have been evident.

Hemos tenido una respuesta muy positiva porque los resultados han sido evidentes.


Has THE CARECUT helped you win new clients?

Yes, we have seen a considerable increase in clients, since we are the only hair salon in the country* that works with THE CARECUT. *Columbia

Sí, un aumento considerable de clientes, ya que somos la única peluquería en el país que cuenta con THE CARECUT.


What does a CARECUT cost at your salon? By comparison, what does a traditional haircut cost?

The cost for the haircut with THE CARECUT is about 30% higher compared to a traditional haircut.

El costo del corte de cabello con THE CARECUT es de un 30% más, comparado con un corte de cabello tradicional.


When do you use THE CARECUT, and when do you use your normal scissors? For what percentage of your clients do you estimate that you use THE CARECUT?

I cut all of my clients’ hair with THE CARECUT.

Todas mis clientas les corto el cabello con THE CARECUT.


Before THE CARECUT, had you already used other electrically heated hairdressing scissors? What do you consider the most important improvements from previous generations?

Yes, THERMOCUT by JAGUAR. I consider THE CARECUT to be more functional.

Sí, THERMOCUT  de JAGUAR. Considero que THE CARECUT es más funcional.


How has your team responded? How do you motivate your employees to offer THE CARECUT?

I can count on an excellent team that loves the technology of THE CARECUT.

Cuento con un excelente equipo que ama la tecnología THE CARECUT. 


One of your hairdressing colleagues who is also a friend asks whether you would recommend THE CARECUT. What do you tell him?

 I always recommend THE CARECUT to my colleagues.

Siempre recomiento THE CARECUT a mis colegas.


Whose hair would you like to cut someday?

Heidi Klum