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The hair cut with the electrically

heated scissors



THE CARECUT seals the ends and strengthens the hair.

The longer the hair, the more it is exposed to the various influences of UV radiation, or mechanical and chemical loads such as the hairdryer, the flat iron and dyes. As of shoulder length, the ends of your hair may become dull and brittle. And the ends start to split. But now your hairdresser has CARECUT at his disposal.

CARECUT makes the hair beautiful, strong and well-groomed, right down to the ends.

With every cut, the ends are resealed and the natural moisture and care substances in the hair are maintained. CARECUT cares for the hair and promotes strength and durability ensuring that it looks healthy and attractive. More robust hair grows in. You experience this new quality of hair over a longer period of time.



Find your CARECUT salon now

Here, you can find out directly where your nearest CARECUT hairdresser is located. CARECUT salons belong to the most innovative stylists in the region. They place particular value on caring for their client's hair.

Every THE CARECUT salon can be identified by the Premium Partner seal. Look here, to find salons in your area.

Find a Carecut salon

For every hairstyle, seals damaged hair and makes it strong.

Long hair needs CARECUT

Long hair in particularly has greater requirements when it comes to care. Many long-haired clients wish to hold on to every centimetre of their hair and, for this reason, seldom visit the stylist. As a result, ends become thin and rough. THE CARECUT is the first step towards changing this. It prevents hair from breaking and helps the hair to grow long faster. CARECUT doesn't remove length if it is intended to remain.

Every CARECUT seals the hair

The blades of the unique THE CARECUT scissors are controlled electronically and gently heated. The warm blades seal the hair direclty during cutting. The hair is sealed at the ends, the keratin (the material that forms the hair) is distributed across the cut surface. Thus preventing the hair from drying out, becoming brittle and breaking. The hair feels naturally beautiful and cared for.

No split ends and brittle hair with CARECUT

THE CARECUT results in healthy, strong hair without split ends and brittleness all the way to the ends. The sealed ends of the hair become smooth and strong. Natural moisturizing and care substances in the hair are maintained, the multi-active cortex does not dry out, the hair is protected from environmental influences.

Regular CARECUT applications make long hair healthier

THE CARECUT effect is optimal when applied regularly. As a result, the ends remain healthy on a permanent basis, and the hair is able to grow better. Your THE CARECUT stylist will tell you what interval is best for you.

Starting with CARECUT today

From a bob through to extra-long hair, from layered cut to straight cut, every type of cut becomes a CARECUT. Take the first step today and make you hair look well-groomed and beautiful.


The idea at THE CARECUT

THE CARECUT scissors are a real innovation. It seals the ends of the hair and strengthens the hair. These professional scissors were specially designed for longer hair and solve the core problem of all long hairstyles: brittle ends. The TCC THE CARECUT scissors are a great tool in the hands of hair professionals who attach particular importance to fulfilling customer needs for strong hair with strong, healthy-looking tips. The new cutting method with the electrically heated scissors ensures an incomparable result when used regularly. But what is so different about THE CARECUT? After all, there are many hair scissors in professional hairdressing needs. However, only THE CARECUT achieves the special sealing effect. Because all normal hairdressing scissors have one thing in common: They cut the hair in such a way that the ends of the hair remain open, i.e. unsealed. The greatest experience and the most virtuoso editing technique are of no use. The blade of normal hair scissors breaks through the hair body in such a way that the putty substance of the individual hairs dries out. The TCC, on the other hand, convinces with an alternative approach. With her, the blade is heated electronically in a controlled manner. The heated blade cuts and seals the hair at the same time. This protects your hair from environmental influences. Because the hair structure is retained. She no longer loses moisture and can recover. Regular use of THE CARECUT therefore promotes the growth in length of the hair through strong, split-free tips.


Customer request instead of customer fear

Customers with longer hair in particular fear hairdressing scissors and often avoid them. This is of course bad for your hair, because longer hair requires more care. Obviously, the cutting result with the usual cutting devices has so far not been satisfactory. The fatigue of many customers and their sometimes panic fear of losing centimeters are ultimately not based on imagination. Some customers find cutting their hair just unreasonable because in the past they had to shed their hair far too often and far too much. But of course the hairdresser does not want his customers to be harmed. On the contrary: Most - if not all - hairdressers want to see their customers with healthy-looking, well-groomed hair and a satisfied smile on their faces. There is no better way to promote a salon than having satisfied customers. The split ends problem affects both sides. If the hairdresser sees the damaged hair in front of him, he cannot do anything else than bring it to a healthy length. If he doesn't, the problem only gets worse. Which in turn, understandably, meets with displeasure from some customers who laboriously let their hair grow. When a large part of the hair has to be cut off again, doubts arise as to how the dream of long hair can become a reality. The initial situation was completely clear to us. A new pair of scissors especially for long hair was needed. That is why we designed THE CARECUT.


How THE CARECUT neutralizes negative environmental influences

The longer the hair, the more exposed it is to environmental influences such as UV radiation. In addition, it is exposed to mechanical loads on a daily basis. These include blow-drying, straightening and the curling iron. Hair clips, barrettes and frequent brushing are also a problem for him. In addition, there is the chemical treatment through repeated lightening or dyeing. Once the hair has reached shoulder length, it begins to thin out at the tips. It quickly appears powerless and brittle. The TCC starts with the hair care directly at the tips. By enabling almost complete sealing of the hair tips, the hair that grows back remains robust and does not thin out. Your hair retains strength and substance and is doubly protected. It can neither "bleed out", ie lose nutrients, nor absorb pollutants.


Longer hair through the right cut with THE CARECUT

The right cut is a prerequisite for beautiful, strong hair. That is not a contradiction. With THE CARECUT, the ends of the hair are re-sealed with every cut. All natural moisture and care substances contained in the hair are preserved. The hair looks well-groomed and becomes more resilient. In the long term, the overall hair quality changes, because new hair grows back more robust and healthier. THE CARECUT is the innovative split cut that changes everything without taking the length of your hair. That means no more hair breakage, stronger lengths and thus faster dense length growth and all-round well-groomed hair.


The trick with sealing the hair

The cut would only be half as successful without the hair sealing. All the hairdresser needs to do is use scissors. The heat on the blade creates a smooth cut edge. This prevents especially fine, sensitive hair types from the dreaded split ends. Even the color result of a coloration is strengthened by this special technique. Because the tips are sealed, the pigments stay in the hair longer. The more the hair structure is damaged, the more often the cutting technique from THE CARECUT should be used. Regular use at intervals of four to six weeks is crucial for success. Only in this way does the anti-split-split effect come into its own.


THE CARECUT - a special pair of scissors

THE CARECUT cuts the hair with an electrically heated blade. The temperature rise is electronically controlled. The scissors then only get hot at the cutting blade. Only the hair gets to feel the sealing temperature. With the TCC, the hairdresser can choose between three different settings. The decisive factor is whether it is fine, normal or thick hair. The hot scissors made in Germany hardly differ in handling from other scissors. Hairdressers quickly notice that the TCC behaves as easily and confidently in the hand as any other professional pair of scissors.


The revolutionary concept of THE CARECUT convinces hair professionals

Whether cutting tips, punching, slicing or grading: The TCC is a classic professional scissors whose ergonomic balance promotes a relaxed working posture. Their use does not require any training or special familiarization. It can be used to seal the ends of your hair effectively and for a long time. The customer pays a small surcharge for a big impact.